sewing pattern generator saves time
Sewist is one of the best sewing pattern generators

If you’ve ever been looking for the right way to make a sewing pattern with your own measurements, you probably know that the most common way is drafting a basic pattern by hand following a lot of complicated instructions and confusing calculations. There are various methods used all over the world and it would be hard to say which one is the best. Most of them work very well, so you don’t really go wrong with the best known methods. However, the easiest way out is to use a sewing pattern generator. These tools can help you create exactly what you need in seconds. Let’s take a look at why these are so great resources and how using one can really save you time..

Sewing pattern generators allow you to generate designs based on preset parameters so that you don’t have to spend countless hours manually finding what works for your project and style. Whether it’s modern or traditional, with just a few clicks you can get any type of patterns that work for your project. Keep reading to learn more about this helpful tool and how it can even save money if it is used properly!

Making basic blocks by hand vs. with sewing pattern generators

What are the basic blocks in pattern making?

Basic blocks are the basic pattern pieces that you transform to create your sewing pattern. Stoppers are those pattern blocks that have no ease and seam allowance added yet. When you start to learn pattern making this is the first thing you learn because this is the foundation of your pattern. Once you have your basic block, the fun part begins. Now you can transform it to create the exact style you want to achieve.

hand drafting vs sewing pattern generator

Making basic blocks by hand

When you draft your basic blocks by hand regardless of the method you use, you create a different basic block for each type of garment; skirts, basic bodice block for blouses and dresses, and one for pants. You also create a different block for every person you make clothes made to measure. This takes a long time until you learn each pattern drafting process and will be a bit faster if you do a lot. You must create the structure of your pattern by complex calculations based on your own measurements. If you’ve ever tried, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re like me, who’s used to working with pattern making software, it feels like writing a letter by hand instead of sending an email.

Basic blocks created by sewing pattern generators

With a pattern generator, you can create the basic blocks quickly, it will do all calculations and drafting for you. You can choose from many different patterns that will fit your specific needs and preferences. You can also adjust the ease and type of fabric in Tailornova, for example. It’s not the same to create a pattern for a woven fabric, with all the darts you need to get a perfect look, than creating a pattern for a jersey fabric. There are free and paid options for pattern generators. However you can design your own pattern online for free, often it is worth choosing an easy-to-use solution, even if it costs a few dollars. You will get more editing options to choose from.

How to choose the best sewing pattern generator?

Some sewing pattern generators are free and some are paid. It’s more important to choose the right one, not the cheapest one. Here are some things you should look for when choosing a pattern generator:

  • Why do you want to use it? Looking for a basic pattern or a transformed pattern with style lines or other design elements transformed already? 
  • For what purpose you need the pattern, for yourself, for your customers. Do want to create made to measure sewing patterns or you need them for commercial purposes such as selling clothing made with the patterns or selling the transformed pattern itself? Which one is good with it?
  • Do you need a pattern that can be made for multiple sizes? 
  • What type of fabric does your project need? Woven or jersey? Which pattern maker is able to adjust their patterns for that?
  • How much ease do you want for the pattern?  Which works best with the less sizing/fitting issues, etc.? 

These questions can show you which is best for you, however it can be that each of them is better in an aspect so that the best thing you can do is testing them and it takes time.

When a sewing pattern generator really can save you time?

There are many things to consider when using a sewing pattern generator. The most important thing is to know whether it is the task: Can it accurately translate your measurements and your design exactly into a pattern that you can use? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right path.

One thing you should keep in mind when using a pattern generator is that it is only as good as the data it is given. You can’t expect to get a perfect fit every time (especially if your measurements are off), which means you need to make sure that all your measurements have been taken correctly. If you have any doubts about the accuracy of your results, you should probably check what is wrong or what type of problems are repeated, so next time you will know what to expect and how to fix it. Knowing which are the best online tools to make your own patterns are reducing the risk of investing time in patterns that don’t work well. Read about my favorite top 3 + 1 online pattern makers.

Final Words

Sewing pattern generators can be a huge time-saver and help make patterns easier. You can use them to create basic sewing patterns as well as create more complex designs. You can create basic blocks for you (basic bodice, skirts and pants) and allow you to adjust the ease, fabrics and sizes.

If you’ve ever tried to draft your own basic bodice block you will know how difficult it can be. Now imagine how much more difficult it is when you need to do it for a large number of customers, each with their individual measurements. This is where a sewing pattern generator, especially one that allows you to adjust all of the aspects of the pattern, including ease, fabric and size, can save you a lot of time and frustration. With a model manufacturer, you can create your basic blocks and turn them into more complex designs. You can also create patterns in multiple sizes.

As always, learning to use new tools can be intimidating, especially time-consuming, until you go through all the trials and errors on your own. If you prefer to have a shortcut, know exactly which sewing pattern generator works the best for each type of garment, which are each’s weak points and how to hack them to get the less fitting issues check out the Buddy Positive Pattern Program. This could save you time and frustration. Click here to learn more about the program. Would you like to know more about how to make your own patterns? Scroll down and subscribe to the newsletter to get notified about new blog posts.