Watch short video tutorials on sewing, pattern making, and pattern hacks.

Tailornova pattern hack 1
Learn how to hack a sewing pattern easily and turn it into a different style. This is a brief additional tutorial of my Sew Your Prints Skillshare class.

Pattern Hack #1

Tailornova pattern hack 2
Create a wrap top from a wrap dress pattern step by step. The original dress is created in Tailornova made as I show it on my Sew Your Print Skillshare class.

Pattern Hack #2

how to sew swimwear elastic
Learn how to sew the elastic on the edges of the swimsuit to the leg hole, armhole and the neckline.

Sew Elastic to Swimwear

flared sleeved top tailornova
Learn how to create a scoop neck top PDF sewing pattern on Tailornova with flared sleeves . I'll show you the right adjustments to get a made to measure free pattern easily.

Top Pattern with Tailornova