free sewing project planner and journal for creative sewists

Are you tired of the artistic chaos in your sewing room?

Stop spending time figuring out where an old pattern is hiding and what kind of changes you've made to it.

Don’t grow your unfinished pile of “me made” clothes by starting new spontaneous sewing projects.

Instead, plan, organize and journal your sewing projects...

to know where to find your patterns. Know all the changes you made, track all the pattern hacks, and sew with confidence.

Download this free sewing project planner and journal, and control all your makes.

Here’s how:

sewing project planner

know what to do next

Sewing Project Planner

This planner aims to help you make the best decisions to create the perfect wardrobe for yourself. It will help create your “to sew list” according to your unique style and the needs of your closet. Use the fashion sketch templates and plan your outfit and design your clothes. Make plans for the week and month.



sewing pattern organizer

know where to find it

Sewing Project Tracker

Use the pattern sheets to organize your sewing patterns. Add categories and use a different binder for each category. such as skirts, dresses, pants, underwear etc. Use the labels to add the same number to the folder, or the envelopes where the pattern is stored for easy finding.


sewing journal

know how you made it

Sewing Project Journal

Journal all the steps of transformations and fitting alterations of your patterns and pattern hacks. If you prefer to visually record it, sketch the modifications separately by pattern pieces.

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