How to make a one piece swimsuit

Learn how to make a one piece swimsuit

Are you a surface pattern designer who knows the fundamentals of sewing? Are you delighted to create a unique, well-fitting, eco-friendly one-piece swimsuit? Do you want to brag about handmade swimsuit with your stunning pattern sat the beach? If your answer’s yes, this class is for you.

I did the hard work for you creating easy to use templates where you can drag and drop your seamless repeat patterns or graphic designs.

Are you a Sewist who’s thrilled to learn how to make a one pieces swimsuit? Do not worry! You can skip the whole pattern design part and jump directly into the sewing process!

In this class, you will learn how to use the cut and sew sewing pattern templates to create your own design. It’s not a pattern design course. Feel free to use any of your existing designs or create other new ones for this project.

No sewing pattern drafting skills required, but basic level sewing and medium level pattern design skills are required if you want to use your own designs. You’ll use Photoshop, Illustrator, or Procreate to design your swimsuit using easy to use templates.

You’ll find sewing pattern templates from size 36 to size 52 in European sizes with a guide for different size systems.

You will find two different versions for shorter and taller body heights to make sure it fits perfectly for you!

You can choose to create your swimsuit with your repeat patterns or placement prints using your graphic designs. You will use the mockup of this swimsuit to help you in the design process.

You will learn how to prepare your file for printing on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate. You will learn how to upload your file for printing on Spoonflower or other print on demand websites. You’ll learn how to sew your swimsuit with step-by-step sewing instructions.

Taking the Class: You’ll know how to create a cut and sew one-piece swimsuit sewing pattern with your own designs. 

If you download the free Simple One Swimsuit,  you will be given access to view the course for free.


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Kind Words From Students

"Yes, this class met my expectations. I recommend it for Intermediate Levels. This class shows you how to best position your design on the shape of a swimsuit. And how to make the best use of the fabric you have. The instructions are simple & straightforward & I loved the sewing demonstration at the end. Agnes makes it look simple & achievable."