Three DIY bikinis

Want to do some pattern making exercises? What if we turn a free one pieces swimsuit pattern into bikinis? I’ll show you how to convert my Simple One swimsuit pattern into three different bikini tops and two bikini bottoms in a few simple steps. Feel free to choose  the one you like best.

We will start with the most basic and simplest ones like panties of different heights and a basic top. Then you will learn how to make bras with more space for those with larger cup sizes or want a bra with spaghetti straps. You can even make your own underwear by using these methods.

What is the Simple One Swimsuit?

A Free One Piece Swimsuit Pattern

Click on the button below to learn more about the Simple One Swimsuit and download the pattern to use it for drafting  your bikini patterns.



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Fabric Suggestions

Sport Lycra from Soonflower for swimsuits and bikinis

Wondering what kind of fabric you use for your hand-made bikini? I made my swimsuits and bikini with Spoonflower’s Sports Lycra. I love this fabric, as it is strong, but stretchy enough and keeps its colors alive after having used them for several years. Head to my Spoonflower shop to select the print that you like.