Heads up, Sewists!

Now, you can make your own patterns!

If you’ve never tried making sewing patterns or given up on intention, then you’re in for a wonderful surprise. Most people start learning how to draft patterns from scratch, but professional pattern makers do something a little different. They build a library of base patterns and they take the one most suitable for each new project. 

Do you want the shortcut to your base patterns library and learn how to turn it into your dream closet? Join the Buddy Positive Pattern program!

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Fashion sketch with diy dress

You're not alone

If you're like most sewers or start-up designers...

 …who want to learn how to make their own patterns, then you’re probably tried or seen people draft patterns from scratch. 

That’s definitely a common way to make patterns. It allows you to create a pattern from your own measurements or from standard measurements.

But there’s a big problem coming up…

You need to create a basic block pattern each time you make a different garment or create it for a different size. You need to learn how to draft the basic blocks for each type of clothing such as tops, pants, skirts, dresses, etc. And this time-consuming process is only the beginning of pattern making. Then you can start converting the base block into the style you want, making several samples until you get the desired result. If you need to make a different size for a different shaped person then you start the same process over again from scratch.

You know what I’m talking about, right? 


Pattern drafting practice

Newbie, I can hear you!

If you're not trained in pattern drafting...

DIY dress pattern drafting

 …you might be used to making pattern hacks to create exactly the clothes you dreamed of. In this case, you are limited to the patterns you own or download for free. If you don’t have any, it can take a while to find the best one to convert to the exact style you want. If you make clothing or patterns for sale you might also not be allowed to use them for commercial purposes.

That’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel.

what the students say after joining the Buddy Positive Pattern program

" I feel more confident in making my own designs and more comfortable sewing. "

The process of pattern making is excessively complicated and with the course everything is simplified and you get a fabulous result without having to go through the tedious step of pattern making.

— Isa

I understand you!

Does this sound like you?


You have learned to make basic bodice blocks in three different ways to see if there’s a faster way, but it still seems too overwhelming.


You feel pattern making is way more complicated as it should be. You think it’s not worth investing in time and effort to make patterns for your unique measurements that fits.


You’re procrastinating because you think you’re not qualified enough to make your own patterns  for those great ideas you have in mind, so it remains like an unfulfilled dream.

But wait - it doesn't have to be like that

What if I told you there was a better way?

Instead of drafting your basic blocks by hand from scratch, imagine if you had a huge library of customizable patterns? You would just need to learn the essentials of pattern transformations and you would be able to create your patterns faster and easier?

 Would you be interested?

Your life BEFORE the Program:

Your life AFTER the Program:


The Buddy Positive Pattern Program


Course to create simplified and functional patterns for creative sewists and designers who want to create their own painless sewing patterns to wear or sell.

Become your own pattern maker in 10 steps while creating a 7-piece capsule collection

Buddy Positive Pattern Program Mockup

What You'll Learn

By joining the program, you will learn how geather inspiration and how to use the principles of design to create stunning clothes. You will learn the most important pattern making techniques, and transform a basic pattern into a custom style. You will learn to create basic patterns with the best online pattern making tools. You will know what is best for each type of garment and what are those you should not use for the best result.

You will learn each type of garment in a separate module, the characteristics of the basic blocks, the specific techniques for creating patterns, the types of fabrics that work best for them.

At the end of the program, you will have a finished garment for each type that will create a mix and match capsule collection. Since then, you’ll make your patterns more confident.

get inspired

Module 1

Get Inspired to Design Your Own Clothes

You will learn how to use your inspiration to create unique clothing with a clear idea for a consistent look in style and color.

Module 2

Design Clothes and Collections Like a Pro

Learn how to use the design principles and elements to create cohesive collections of awesome clothes for your handmade wardrobe, customers or small brand.

design like a pro
pattern making essentials

Module 3

The Essentials of Pattern Making

Learn the essentials of pattern making and the most important transformation techniques.

Module 4

How to Make Patterns for Jersey Tops

You will learn to create custom patterns for jersey tops, pattern specifications for stretch knit fabrics and tips on how to sew them.

How to make jersey tops patterns
How to make woven tops

Module 5

How to Make Patterns for Woven Tops

You will learn how to create custom patterns for woven tops and the pattern specifications for them.  You get advice on how to cut and sew them up. Find out which are the best fabrics for woven tops.

Module 6

How to Make Skirts Patterns

You will learn to create custom skirt patterns and get tips on how to sew them.

How to make skirts
How to make patterns for dresses

Module 7

How to Make Dress Patterns

You’ll learn how to create custom patterns for dresses and get tips on how to stitch them.

Module 8

How to Make Pants Patterns

You’ll learn how to create custom patterns for pants and get advice on how to cut and sew them.

How to make pants patterns
How to make sweatshirts

Module 9

How to Make Patterns for Sweatshirts

You will learn to create custom patterns for sweatshirts, jumpers and cardigans and you will get tips on how to cut and sew them. 

Module 10

How to Make Patterns for Underwear

You will learn to create custom patterns for panties, tank tops and bralettes and how to sew them.

How to make underwear

what the students say after the Buddy Positive Pattern program

"What surprised me the most about the course is the usefulness of online pattern making software "

After taking the Buddy Positive Pattern Program I feel I have all the pattern design and garment construction skills to build most basic garments. Another formal sewing class would not be necessary.

— Freddy

Unlimited Access to Video Lessons

Bimonthly live Coaching Sessions

Private Chat Group

Study at the pace that works for YOU


By joining the Buddy Positive Pattern program you’ll also get these 3 bonus trainings totally FREE!

grading basics

Pattern Grading Basics

Learn the basics of pattern grading to create different sizes of your patterns. Create size sets of your own patterns for selling clothes or patterns.


fabric design for sewists

Easy fabric design for Sewists

Learn a simple method to create fun fabric patterns without drawing skills. Have your creations printed on different types of fabrics to create awesome clothes with your own fabric design.

love your serger bonus class

Love Your Serger

Learn how to use your overlock sewing machine without fear. Find out how to change threads painlessly, adjust them for different types of fabrics, sew elastics and how to undo easily overlock seams.

Kind Words From Students

"The tutor is always there. It’s an online course that feels as a classroom based. You feel part of the course and you know you are not alone."

— Ellie

chicsavvy mockup

You'll also get

The support you will have access to


Bimonthly Group Call

Every two weeks, you will be able to ask anything about the lessons and your struggles through live group calls. Also these sessions are an excellent opportunity to learn from other students’ projects.


Private Chat Group

In the private group chat, you can ask your questions, share your doubts and success, and meet other creative people who share the same love for creating clothes.


Extra PDFs

You’ll get additional PDF tutorials on different sewing and pattern making techniques, plus some fun exercises.


Success Stories


What made the Buddy Positive Program stand out from other options is that it includes every piece of clothing you can wear. After taking the Program I feel confident designing a garment I like by using the online pattern making tools. I found the live Q&A sessions are great! They are essential to follow the course. What made me happiest about joining the courses is to add essential pieces of clothing of my measurements and taste to my wardrobe. I’ve got a better knowledge of altering pattern pieces and of checking measurements. Apart from learning a lot, the course will enhance your drafting and sewing skills.

— Ellie


The most important thing I learned in the course is using online pattern tools to design and assemble patterns and garment construction. I found the live Q&A sessions are very useful. I made a lot of progress. I actually got some garments completed. What surprised me about the course the most is the usefulness of online pattern making software. Since starting the course I think I can assemble most any garment with time and practice. I learned to organize my sewing studio to optimize pattern assembly, cutting pattern pieces, and sewing garments together.

— Freddy


What made me happiest about joining the course is to have my capsule collection and to have the teacher’s help at any time. I found the live Q& A sessions are an ideal and very relaxed space to present any kind of doubt without fear of making a mistake. I felt very confident thanks to the support of the teacher. Since starting the course I have been able to put my ideas in order and make a meaningful and original collection. What surprised me the most is the kind of fabric design. And Agnes’s availability and involvement to resolve any doubts at any time. Since starting the course my sewing and pattern making process has been becoming more confident and having clearer and clearer ideas and a better sense of what I want to do.

— Isa

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

Meet your mentor

I'm Agnes Somogyi

I’m your mentor who helps you overcome the fear of pattern making and start creating your own sewing patterns with confidence.

I’m a textile designer, pattern maker, and busy mom who designs fabric, makes apparel patterns for brands, and teaches pattern making for sewists. I firmly believe that by learning the basics of pattern making and properly using the latest tools available, you can easily create your own well-fitting and unique bespoke clothes.

I want to share all my knowledge and experience with you in order to achieve your dream of creating your own patterns. I also know that learning is much easier when you are surrounded by people who share the same passion and desire to sew and make patterns so I created this program for you. 

About Agnes Somogyi

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You've got questions? I have answers!

The course will begin after you sign up and you can complete it at your own pace. The modules will be published every week, but feel free to take the course at your own pace. Students usually spend at least two weeks in a module.

Yes, you have a lifetime excess of class materials such as video lessons and downloadable files and minimum one-year access to the group chat.

If in the first 30 days you think it’s not right for you, you can cancel your purchase. You’ve got 30 days to get a refund.

Yes, no pattern drafting experience is required. You will learn everything you need to start creating patterns.

Yes, twice a month, you can participate in online question and answer sessions where I will answer all your questions in addition to the  group chat.

This course focuses on pattern making, but in most modules you will find video lessons that show the entire process from the pattern making, cutting and sewing the garments. There are also specific sewing tutorials such as sewing different pockets or button plackets, button holes and invisible zippers.

If you like your pattern making process, probably not, however if you want to learn how to make patterns with online pattern making tools by a few clicks you are very welcome to the program. I have tested these tools for years, so I’ll share what works and what does not so that it can save time on the process of trial and error. For beginners, I recommend designing simple clothes, but as you are more experienced you can make more complex and challenging styles for your capsule collection.

Some of the tools you can use for free, others will cost you a few dollars per custom pattern made based on your measurements. With these tools, you will create seven different basic patterns with these tools and then you can create countless new patterns from them for free using your new pattern making skills.

A laptop or computer, stable internet connection, somewhere to print your patterns and a sewing machine and serger if you have one. Also large size tissue paper, rulers, measuring tape and other common sewing tools.

It’s not necessary to use a serger, but it makes your workflow much easier and gives your finished garment a much more professional look. If you want to make clothes for sale I strongly recommend you get one. Maybe you could find a second-hand one.

Due to the lack of bespoke men’s designs available at the moment, we are focusing on women’s clothes however there is a possibility to create shirts and T-shirts for men with the tools we use.

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Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Buddy Positive Pattern Program. You can email me directly here and I’ll return the favor ASAP.