Sew Your Prints with Tailornova patterns

Learn how to create your own patterns with Tailornova

This class is created for surface pattern designers, however if you are not a pattern designer, you can still benefit from this class jumping directly into the lessons about how to make sewing patterns using Tailornova. Use whatever fabric you want.

You will create the sewing pattern of a dress to learn how the platform works.

Are you a surface pattern designer who knows the fundamentals of sewing?

In this class, you will learn how to create custom-made PDF sewing patterns to be printed on your printer with Tailornova. 

No pattern drafting skills required but a minimum advanced beginner level of sewing skills.

You will use Tailornova, the online sewing pattern generator platform.

After the course you will be able to make plenty of different garments. 

You’ll learn how to prepare your print file in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or where to find seamless patterns.

You will  learn to choose the best fabric for your project and upload your file to print on Spoonflower or other print on demand websites.

Taking the Class: 

You’ll know how to create custom sewing patterns for you or any woman around you. Men’s wear patterns are available as t-shirts and T-shirts currently on Tailornova. You can shine on social media wearing your own printed garments.

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dress technical sheet free dress mockup print cut sewdress ready to wear

Kind Words From Students

"This class exceeded my expectations! I recommend it for All Levels. I really like this class. I am happy to get to introduce to tailornova. I am a pattern maker and pattern making takes time and skills, with this software one can create a pattern so fast.."