Join our wekly live sewing classes and workshops in Palma de Mallorca

Weekly Sewing Class

Learn how to make your patterns easily with the help of technology and how to transform them manually to create the clothes you imagined

Learn how to sew it, how to make adjustments so it fits you perfectly, and just enjoy wearing your own creations. We create the basic patterns digitally without having to do endless calculations. Instead, with a few clicks we have it and then transform it by hand, saving time to make more cool clothes for you.

Join us live!

sewing workshop

Thematic Sewing Workshops

Join our thematic sewing workshops on Saturdays

Stay tuned to my Instagram and newsletter for updates on upcoming themed sewing workshops at @createvamallorca. From jersey tops to cardigans to stylish kimonos, there’s a workshop for everyone! Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to improve your sewing skills and explore your favourite sewing themes!