Dizzying Patterns

Working in the textile industry I often meet a special phenomenon. People working in the production side of this industry have a special relationship with textiles. They are the people who see designers’ patterns in the biggest format. It can be 1.5 meters x 5, 10, 20 … meters. They are the textile manufacturers, and those who work in the apparel production. They watch a huge surface with patterns for hours together. From my experience, I know that there are certain types of patterns that they would prefer to avoid (But they can’t). Let’s talk clear! Do you remember those strange pictures which you had to watch for a long time and something happened? Take the pattern below with black and white lines and see what happens. Move the pattern up and down to feel it better! How do you feel? Calm or irritated? Carry on with a primary color contrast in the next example. So this is how my co-workers felt when working with some patterns. This optical illusion produces annoyance and some people feel dizzy. There is nothing one can do but just stand it, but it’s interesting to realize this impact. I made a quick research and what I […]
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