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Custom Patterns for Your Brand

Do you need pattern making services to create patterns or grading for your products? Want to give your brand a unique touch that nobody else can have with unique prints?

You are in the right place!

Patterns made for you

Do you have some amazing clothing ideas and fashion sketches , but need someone to make those clothes real?

You work hard to create a unique and recognizable brand, but when it comes to buying fabrics, you can’t find the prints you’ve got in mind? Does this sound familiar to you? Would you rather make your clothes with prints and custom patterns made especially for you? Want to create products with prints that represent the essence of your brand? Here’s what I can do for you.

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custom pattern making services

Pattern Making

Custom Pattern Making Services

Do you need pattern making services for your brand? With the custom pattern making services for womenswear and swimwear you will have perfectly fitting patterns for your niche customers. Pattern making, sampling and grading.

Print and Pattern

Custom Surface Pattern Design

With custom seamless repeat pattern service, you’ll be able to launch a gorgeous collection with prints that no other brand can have. You dream of it and I create it for you, designing it to suit your needs: fabrics, style and colors to adapt perfectly to the entire concept of your collection. Custom seamless repeat patterns, engineered prints, colorways.



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Pattern & Pattern

Pattern in Pattern

Do you need specific services such as printing your fabric with the sewing pattern filled with a repeat pattern or graphic designs?

Online Courses

Level up your sewing skills, learn functional easy pattern making. Sew swimwear and design your own fabric.

Printed Fabrics

Shop Eco friendly printed fabrics made with water-based pigment inks for your sustainable products or sewing projects.

Pattern Making Services

Get unique fabric print designs or pattern making service custom made for your unique brand just the way you need them.

Let's Work Together

Ready to grow your brand in a unique style?

The creation of your own brand is a complex and long process. Do the part you like the most and let me help you with the rest.

Kind Words From Clients

"Agnes is so professional and nice to work with. I keep coming back to work with her on my new products. She is very well informed and gives good advice to help make the prints for our yoga wear as perfect as possible. She is very open to helping me achieve exactly what I wanted. "

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the Buddy Positive Pattern Program

Would you rather start learning how to create your own patterns?

Are you a solopreneur starting to make your own brand and want to turn your ideas into real clothes yourself? Do you need the foundation of pattern making  to refine your skills? Join the Buddy Positive Pattern Program and start creating your first collection.


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