Embroidery & Lace Patterns – The heritage

Both of my grandmothers were very well prepared in the world of textiles. My mother’s mother was always sewing for other people to supplement her nurse’s salary and was taught by her husband because he was a tailor. My other grandma started to learn embroider after her retirement. She was tarrific at creating traditional Hungarian embroidery called Kalocsai and at using a stitching style called Riseliő. She had her sewing machine specially prepared for this unique technique. It is a pity I couldn’t learn how to use it from her. But I have a beautiful heritage from her where I often go for inspiration for pattern design. The image above is the top part of a hat made by her. This is a typical lace-like Riseliő embroidery in white color.

kalocsai embroidery book

She also had a bunch of embroidery patterns I love. The way she used them is very typical in this area. She copied the original design pointing the outlines of the elements on a transparent paper she stowed on the top of the pattern. She made little holes and she rubbed a blue paint powder through the punctured lines on to a white linen fabric. After this process, she had the pattern ready to start to stitch.

embroidery pattern

Have I mentioned before that I often go back to these records to get inspiration? This time, I’m working on a project for the upcoming season to create lace-inspired patterns like you can see in the sketch below. To see the final prints of this please click here and here! I also created a collection for placement embroidery inspired by the Kalocsai style and mixed them with exotic floral elements. You can see the collection here if you are already registered and logged in. If you are not and would like to do it now, click here!

lace pattern sketch


  1. Avatar
    October 27, 2015 by Mar Reply

    Agnes! Que bonito! Espero tengas mucho éxito, después de tanto trabajo. Un beso. Mar

  2. Agnes Somogyi
    October 27, 2015 by Agnes Somogyi Reply

    Muchas gracias Mar! :)

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