Summer floral for S/S17

This time of the year is perfect for a textile designer to search for floral inspiration. I often take pictures wherever I am. It helps to have patient people around when I see some beautiful plants and I make everybody stop because I’m hunting. It’s important to have a huge collection of photos of flowers for new patterns. Floral prints are always needed. I have just finished a new pattern collection, preparing for the season Spring/Summer 2017. For the central element of the main pattern, I chose the exciting flowers of the plant called “trompetas” (Solandra maxima).  I wanted to add the sensation of the moving sea, the glitter and the movement of floating, which for me means the total relaxation and freedom of the summertime. You can see in the sketches below how I planned to express the flow with moving flowers. The final patterns have been developed using digital manipulation. The color palette combines jungle green, amethyst, crown blue and exotic fruit colors, pink and orange. I softened these saturated colors with pastel shades. If you would like to see the entire collection of the patterns and you are a registered member click here. If you want to […]
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Color Inspiration – Fisherman

Finding inspiration just happens most of the time. I often take pictures of interesting color combinations I see around. I store them for later use. It’s important for a textile designer to have a collection of nice color palettes. When I need colors for a new pattern I just know where to go.                  
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