As a textile designer, I create bright and bold patterns for the apparel and the home decor market. I graduated in textile design in Hungary in 2004 and I worked in several Spanish and Hungarian apparel companies. I live and work on the Spanish island Mallorca, where swimwear is an essential item. To develop my playful and vibrant prints, I lean on my background in the apparel industry. I spent four years as an apparel designer and pattern maker in a swimwear company. I enjoyed working with the bold, colorful printed fabrics so much, that I began developing them myself. Today it is my passion: creating patterns, especially to work for this colorful, bold and happy market.







My original artworks are influenced by nature, experiments, the world around me and the current trends. I love hunting for textures, flowers and interesting surfaces, wherever I am. It can be the humidity drops on a Tupperware top in the kitchen or the lights of a carousel; I transform them into vibrant prints. I enjoy using different techniques: hand-drawn, hand-painted, digitally manipulated, vector art, experiment with new techniques and mixing those - any of them which would  best fit my clients' needs. I like to work with clients who have a clear idea about what they are looking for but are also open to new ideas. It is relevant for me while working on a project to have as accurate an idea as possible about my clients' requirements. Because of my work experience in the apparel industry, I know the whole process right from the selection of the prints up to the final production. I have found that this helps me to understand the special needs of my clients and, therefore, developing artworks more effectively.



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Ildikó Noár, Noár Line // Bella Mode

Agnes proved herself to be a reliable partner in the design work at Bella Mode because of her extremely creative, gentle and honest personality. Her design represents a special and unique style, which is full of hip femininity and the joy of life. I would recommend her work for anyone who is hunting for vivid colors, subtle patterns, sleek, feminine lines mixing with a bit of "coolness".

Maria Orta Domínguez, Geby SL.

The agile and humble service of Agnes eased the process of the swimwear production. As her assignment in the company, she resolved several activities like the selection of patterns, swimwear design, pattern making and the control of the samples. Facing the everyday difficulties she demonstrated a serene and responsible attitude with a positive mentality and the intention of reaching the best solutions.

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